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Chris Sanchez

We believe man kinds purpose is to build and create for our successors to marvel at what our hands have left behind and give life to your vision with integrity and excellence.

Let us work together to achieve the impossible.

- Chris Sanchez

About CS-Fabrication

Cs- Fabrication, LLC Specializes in fabricating 

– Carbon Steel

– Stainless Steel 

– Brass 

– Aluminum

– Copper

– Glass

-Cable rails,  ; Along with other Handrail and Guardrail systems.

CS-Fabrication was founded by Chris Sanchez in 2010 to provide professional, efficient, and cost-effective products to its customer base.

Over time, the company we enclosed into a custom fabrication company caters to high-profile projects. This company believes that attention to detail makes a difference in a quality product. Therefore, we focus on the primary and preferred welding and fabrication companies in the DFW and surrounding areas.

Our Team

President, Christopher Sanchez

Chief executive officer, Sonia Sanchez

Shop Fabrication director, Alex Orozco

Our Vision

This Vision Is Clear And Through Quality Products And Services. We, Will, Accomplish This Through Traditional AMERICAN Hard Work And Dedication.

We Strive Everyday To Be The #1 Metal And Steel Fabrication Service In The Texas And Surrounding States.

Our Team Motto

We Work And Strive Together And Are Dependent On One Another To Not Let Each-Other Down.

15 Years of Excellence

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